St. George’s Island



Found my first shell!


My shell 🙂



Hermit crab we found!


Our hennas!!


Close up of hennas!!


While visiting Mexico Beach, Florida, my friend Savannah (along with her family) and I took a day trip to Saint George’s Island!! It was absolute stunning! Before we arrived, we took a short stop at this really crafty place called Pamelot Arts in Apalachicola, Florida. The store specializes in Air Brush tshirts, car tags, shells, and anything that is paintable. Along with it, the artists can do Henna Tattoos! Obviously, Savannah and I could not pass that opportunity up! We each got a henna! Both of us got a flower type design on our shoulder blades (mine on my left – Savannah’s on her left). After paying and thanking them for our tattoos, it was off to Saint George’s Island!

As soon as we got there, I looked at her mom and said “this is just surreal…” Granted how I never use that word, I figured this was a view that was absolutely breathtaking. During the trip, we found an abundance of seashells, sadly most of them were broken, and a great deal of crabs! Savannah would actually scream and startle the entire family whenever she saw one too close to her feet. One of the crabs, we caught in a bucket so we could get a closer look. Once we had it on land again, it did a cute little crabby-dance then ran out into the waves. It was the cutest thing!!


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