A Thought Of Sixteen

1. I’ve decided that making a list of random things makes me happy!
2. I titled this “Sixteen Things” because so far 2016 has been a year of growth for me
3. Pretty sure this list has no real purpose… oops!
4. My favorite movie right now is “10 Things I Hate About You”
5. I don’t hate many things
6. The picture I used for this caption makes me happy!
7. I got the picture from a little video I put together a while ago! One of my friends was throwing chalk and paint at me!
8. I never understood the purpose of a huge over-the-top sweet sixteen…
9. I had my Sweet Sixteen outside in the ice and snow!
10. I’m not even sixteen
11. I’m typing this out on the notepad app on my phone
12. Every blogpost I do, I type out in my notes first
13. I have a photoshoot this week with one of my friends and I’m super excited about how my photos are going to turn out!
14. If you haven’t noticed, the smallest things excite me!
15. Fifteen was an odd year for me
16. Hey look, I’m done!


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