12 Thankful Things

1. Waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee.
2. Autumn leaves in a slow breeze.
3. My friends that love me unconditionally just like family along with my family that I’m glad to not only call family, but friends as well.

4.  My grandma’s laugh
5. Family car rides where we find random radio stations and mom knows every line to an 80’s song.
6. Seeing a police officer bringing gas to a man on the side of the road because why not help someone in need?
7. Thanksgiving food (besides the meat since I don’t eat meat…)
8. Joking off with my mom about who looks funnier in the morning.
9. Old books that fit perfectly in my purse so I can read them anywhere.
10. The way the world seems to illuminate with color whenever skies are grey.
11. Elderly couples that drive faster than everyone else on the road.
12. The ability to share my thoughts, life, and memories with people and the experiences life has offered me.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a blessed thanksgiving day!


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