Rolling Strikes

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They know they love me.

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Nothing but pure girl power!

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The wonderful birthday boy!

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Savannah wrote this for J.D. My little couple is so precious. 

There’s always a bittersweet moment in my life that I’m grateful enough to witness and be apart of. About a month ago, one of my sister figures, Savannah, mentioned to me about how she wanted to do something really sweet for her boyfriend’s eighteenth birthday. After several weeks of brainstorming, Savannah came up with the sweetest birthday surprise for him!

Yesterday, her plan launched into action. Savannah started off by creating a scavenger hunt for him with all the locations being special locations they shared together. J.D. – her boyfriend – awoke to find balloons outside his bedroom door. Written on a big red one were the words “Pop Me!” Thinking his sister was playing a joke on him, J.D. proceeded to pop the balloon. Once popped, a heartfelt note fell to the ground and J.D. began to read it. The note explained to him the basic scavenger hunt rules. The grand prize? Finding Savannah. Extremely eager to get started, J.D. found his first clue in his house and left at 1:30 p.m. – part of the rules – to go find Savannah.

Meanwhile, Savannah on the other hand, was in the process of setting up a surprise party for the end of his scavenger hunt. A few of J.D.’s closest friends gathered together at our local bowling alley. With a Pokemon shaped cake and big signs that pointed the way, we were all ready to go! We took everything inside the bowling alley and awaited for J.D.’s message that told us his location.

At this point, J.D. had already gone to the a park, our high school, Savannah’s house, a different park,  Walmart, his church, and then to our old middle school and was already on his way to the bowling alley. He sent Savannah a message saying how he was on his was way there. Once received, our group quickly hustled ourselves outside to greet him. J.D. however, was already in the process of getting stuff out of Savannah’s car by the time we reached him. We all laughed and hugged him as he stood there in total disbelief. As I hugged him, I could feel the happiness of my best friend coming to the surface. “I’m at a loss for words Shorty,” he began to tell me. I gave him a tight hug back and sent him towards Savannah.

After we all finished hugging him, it was time to start his party. We let the birthday boy lead us in grace then proceeded to eat some amazing pizza – we all burned the roots of our mouths on it actually – then started bowling! The boys played some songs on the jukebox as the girls took time between bowlers to take some adorable group photos! I can’t recall who actually won our game, but I do remember tying with one of my friends – mind I rolled a strike but we still both only got seventy-five points. J.D.’s surprise party definitely turned out to be a huge success! I’m so appreciative for being able to help Savannah create something special for him!


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