Prom – The Promposal(s)

Prom, the first night that most high school students look forward to. Before any of the decorations and appointments are made, there is one thing drilled into the senior’s head: “I need a prom date.” For me, this was certainly the case. But after getting tired and bored of waiting around for someone to ask me, I took matters into my own hands. I thought to myself, ‘Why not make it more fun and ask somebody myself?’ After accepting the idea, I quickly began to brainstorm who I should ask to prom.

Like most normal weekends, I ventured out of town to go hangout with my friend An. She and I, along with two of our other friends, had made plans to go watch Beauty and the Beast (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it! Me being the Disney nut that I am, I watched it twice…oops!). With a few hours to kill and with our grumbling tummys, we decided to pass the time by eating at our favorite taco shop – yes, we had SATCO again! After lots of laughs and telling An that she should come to prom with us, Sawyer helped me kickoff my promposal plans. We had An close her eyes and proceeded to write “Prom?” in my leftover guacamole (it is seriously such a good thing that the workers like us here). We placed the tray down in front of An and instructed her to open her eyes. I automatically asked An to go stag with me to prom. The look on her face was totally priceless! After cleaning up our mess and heading to the movies, the rest of my promposal plans blossomed into my brain. I had a developed a plan; I had two more people I had to ask.

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After selecting my second “date”, I quickly came up with an idea on how to ask her. Before I had invited An to go with me, my best friend Belle and I had planned on going stag together. It only seemed fitting to me that I should ask her as well. I waited for spring break to start and made plans to have brunch with her in our local froyo shop, Topz. Our plans were to meet downtown at noon and then eat. With a poster in hand, I strolled down to Topz at 11:30 a.m. At Topz, if you order food from the deli, they bring the food to you. I went up to the counter and explained my idea to the man working and asked if he could assist me in my promposal. Thankfully, he was not only happy to help, but also had an idea that would make the plans smoother.

At noon, I met up with Belle and we walked into Topz and ordered our food. The man behind the counter waited for Belle to walk away before he handed me back my change and proceeded to say , “I’ll bring your order right out,” with a smile and a wink. I returned the smile with a small laugh and found Belle at our table. Once her food arrived, the man came back with my poster and told Belle “Oh, we forgot this with your order…” Belle began to read the sign and after taking a second to process it, began to smile, laugh, then cry tears of joy. My second prom date had accepted my promposal, and I had one more person left to ask.

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You don’t need a man when your best friend can dance like nobody can! Prom?”

I know what you are thinking, I have already asked two people, how many dates could I possibly need? Well, let me tell you something, the last promposal I had planned was by far the most important one I could ever do. To get things ready for it, I went out and bought some flower garland from Hobby Lobby – which was thankfully on sale at the time – and found some pretty stationary from my room. On the paper, I wrote out the words, “be different babe,” and put it into an envelope with the person’s name on the outside. Flowers and card in hand, I set off to set up my final promposal.


Yes, as my final promposal, I asked myself to prom. As I went through the early stages of prom date searching, I realized something very important. It does not matter who you go to prom with, because at the end of the night, your true date is yourself. It’s you that chooses what you wear, eat, and what you do. If you aren’t having fun with yourself, then what’s the point? By asking myself to prom, I gained a sense of pride and self love. I’m glad that I am my own date, because you know what, nobody knows how to make me smile and have a good time better than myself. I seriously so ready to walk myself into that dance with nothing but a smile across my face.


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