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Okay, so it’s been almost a month since I went to prom 😂 but I still want to share my photos and the experience!

The day before prom, I spent that day getting parts of me ready! I had a nail appointment (that I was late to) and a pre-prom sleepover at my friend Belle’s. I, along with a few other girls, stayed the night at her house where we ate supper, did a midnight run to Walmart. And ended the night by practincing makeup routines for the next day. It was so much fun, but I think we were slightly sleep deprived the next morning.

The morning of prom, I left Belle’s bright and early because I had a hair appointment with my mom. She put extensions in my hair for the first time (I will admit I loved having longer hair, but the day after prom, I was ready to have my normal hair back! I applaud girls that can keep extensions in their hair for a while because I barley lasted 24 hours)! We curled my whole head and put it into this fancy braid. After hair, I went and did my makeup then put on my dress. The dress I wore was actually from Macy’s and I got such a great deal on it! It slightly reminded me of Cinderella and Jasmine combined!

After I finished getting ready and Mom took a few photos of me, I rushed to my next destination (One thing my friends have still yet to realize is that fact that I’m usually late to things. Not terribly late, but not exactly on time either. I was supposed to be back at Belle’s house at 3:30, well, I left my house at that time…  🙈oops!!) As I was driving, I saw a friend of mine’s boyfriend on the way to pick her up; that was it for me. After that point, I was an emotional wreck! It finally occurred to me that this was prom night! I arrived at BElle’s and saw my best friend, Hailey, all dressed up and look gorgeous! I cried again. We left Belle’s and proceeded to Hailey’s where we met her date and took some pictures (her mom saw us and started crying so the two of us just cried together). After leaving Hailey’s, we went to meet up with the rest of our group!

Our group photos were taken at one of the churches in town and it was such a nice scenery for them! We had parents on the second floor balcony getting shots and people at eye level getting shots as well. Nobody knew where to look! Me and another guy kept talking during the photos and parents kept telling us to hush, it was so much fun!

Mince group photos were finished, we left to meet up with my other date, An, then went to Cookeville for dinner! Our reservations were at an Italian restaurant in Cookeville called, Mauricio’s. Now let me tell you, this restaurant was outstanding! The service was wonderful and the food was drop dead delicious! Hailey made a really gruesome toast in front of our waitress and her reaction was hilarious! Between us being loud and me almost catching the place on fire (I thought there were fake candles on the table and I tried to check and the candle fell…), it was a very eventful meal and probably the highlight of prom night!

Once the group finished eating, we left to head back to town for the dance. Sadly, there weren’t a lot of people actually dancing, more of just people standing around. But, thankfully the group I went with and a few other groups I knew decided that we weren’t going to let that stop us from dancing. We had a bunch of people all dancing together and singing the songs (all out of key 😂)! By the end of the night, I was completely worn out! My after party was at Hailey’s where we attempted to release lanterns (I’ve got an addiction) and played some very intense rounds of ping pong! I crashed at about 2 a.m.

I couldn’t thank the group I was with enough for such a wonderful prom experience! I’m so glad I went and got to make the memories that I did!


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