Hilton Head Island

One thing I can never seem to get enough of is traveling! I'm so young and have so much time left in me; if I can spend a big junk of that time traveling, I will be ecstatic! If you - or someone you know - are wanting to visit the beach sometime soon, I … Continue reading Hilton Head Island



Okay, so it's been almost a month since I went to prom 😂 but I still want to share my photos and the experience! The day before prom, I spent that day getting parts of me ready! I had a nail appointment (that I was late to) and a pre-prom sleepover at my friend Belle's. … Continue reading Prom

A Glimpse Back

The other day, my English teacher assigned the class our final paper to write. After all of the agonizing moans, we glanced at the prompt and realized what it was. A few years ago, I wrote a paper entitled "Entrance Interview," and as I looked down at the prompt in front of me, I read … Continue reading A Glimpse Back